We have been actively collecting and dealing in
quality waterfowling and fishing collectibles for over
45 years. We pride ourselves in the quality of our
merchandise and are always interested in
documenting our waterfowling and fishing heritage.
Donna has authored three books on sporting
collectibles: Top of Line Hunting Collectibles, Top of
the Line Fishing Collectibles and Fish & Fowl Decoys
of the Great Lakes, and is contributing Editor with
Decoy Magazine and featured in Adverture Sports
Outdoors and American Waterfowler magazines.

Joseph Tonelli's honest straight forward approach in
his decoy dealings has won him the respect of his
fellow collectors. Over the years he has advised
several of the country's leading decoy collectors  If
you are in need of advise concerning your collection,
sales or purchases, Joe is qualified to broker your
decoys, if you are ready to sell one or an entire
collection of decoys. Use his experience to market
your birds privately or through Guyette & Deeter
Auction house. He is also available to execute any  
purchases. Rely on his vast connections in the 'decoy
world' to find the decoy you need to round off your
collection. As the Midwest representative of Gary
Guyette/Frank Schmidt Decoy Firm, Joe is recognized
as one of the few dealers qualitfied to professionally
appraise your collection for your estate and
insurance evaluations.
About us
Joe and Donna Tonelli
Contact Information:  Joe & Donna Tonelli
Phone: 605-481-2811 or 815-664-4580