A presentation of variations of Charlie Perdew's Fancy duck calls.
This carved Perdew was made for Bob Becker, Sports Editor for the Chicago Tribune. In a letter dated 1943, Bob wrote to 'The Famous Mr. Perdew, Noted MFG of Duck callers" "It's a corker my friend. The World's Best Duck caller"
This is a variation of the rare Crown calls. The stopper has extra notch carving and large script lettering with early red bakelite mouth piece band.
Full Crown stopper tops the beautiful example of Perdew's finest duck calls. Large script lettering with red bakelite mouth piece band.
Found in its original Christmas complete with Easter grass and extra reed, this call was part of the family set made for Father son and daughter. Sandra's call was made smaller for a lady's hand.
Perdew added his teardrop panel design used for his VL&A calls on this call which only has a pair of flying mallards carved into the barrel with yellow mouth piece bakelite band
Perdew used an different initial placement on this call by carving simple straight line initials in a football shape shield. Call has typical three mallards design with yellow bakelite band.