Fancy Perdew Duck & Crow Calls

In this letter Charlie explains the code he used when order was place for a carved duck or crow call.
Charlie added an extra decorative edge around the end of the call barrel and carved owner"s enitre name instead of just his intials on this three mallard duck call.
During the Great Depression ( circa 1930's)Charlie put an little extra effort into carving the stoppers on his Fancy duck calls which collectors have nickname 'Crown' stoppers. There are only six known Crown Calls in collections.The stopper on the right is his typical stopper design. The other two are examples of his Crown stoppers.
All of Charlie's finished the end of his fancy carved duck calls with a colored bakelite ring. This ring was inset into the barrel and glue in place before the red cedar barrel blank was shaped on a wood lathe. Charlie used three bakelite colors
This may be the most intricate design Charlie ever added to one of his fancy calls. This crow call has a scene carved into it depicting a hunter using a Perdew mechanical owl decoy complete with tiny glass eyes. Look closely and you can see the hunter beside the tree with his gun and a pull string that would activate the owl decoy that sits on a bracnh surround with several crows.
Another variation to Charlie's crow call scene is the addition of a pheasant walking below a tree with has a bird's nest and several crows in it. This reflects the conception that Crows were destroying game bird eggs.
Charlie added a tree stump to this crow hunting scene. The bottom edge of the call has painted grass and a brass band.
As a rule Charlie finished off the end of his crow calls with a brass or German Silver reinforcing band. On his fancy crow calls he painted the inside of the barrel gold if the band was brass or black if it was German Silver.