Joe's best hunting companion besides me is our Lab, Coot This hunting wouldn't be the same without her!

Dale Nagel, Bill 'Tonto' Hartman and Billy herring joined us again in Saskatchewan for their yearly duck and goose hunting trip

This was a special misty morning that Joe & I shared with Coot.

We found this sweet honey hole just a mile or so from the small town where we were staying in Saskatchewan Honey Hole

In January we flew out to Maryland to hunt divers with Frank Schmidt.

After a dismal start to our Oklahoma duck hunt we ran into Justin Walkabout Outfitters at a gas station and the rest of our trip was great.

There is no better snow goose outfitter than Ricky Hamm Joe had geaa hunt over 11,000...yes 11,000 decoy spread with Ricky Hamm and Scott Demanos in February.